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History of Moorfields Eye Hospital

Peter K. Leaver
FRCS FRCOphth, Retired consultant ophthalmologist

July 2004




ISBN 978-1-85315-580-2

History of Moorfields Eye Hospital

This comprehensive account, coinciding with its bicentenary, covers the last forty years in the history of Moorfields, the oldest and largest specialist eye hospital in the Western world. These four decades have been some of the most turbulent and progressive in its history. This book follows on from two previous volumes about Moorfields Eye Hospital by Treacher Collins (1929) and Frank Law (1975).

Written in a freely narrative style, the book explores the technological, socio-economic and cultural influences that have mapped and directed the Hospital's course over the last forty years, including:
a general account of the Hospital's history from the early 1960s to the present day;
detailed explanation of the changes in clinical services;

The volume, with a foreword by Professor Douglas Coster AO, is illustrated with a wealth of photographs and anecdotes that illuminate the momentous changes in technology, culture and economics, which have influenced Moorfields in recent years.

The author spent over 30 years working at Moorfields Eye Hospital as registrar, senior registrar, consultant surgeon and finally Director of (medical) Education. He has undertaken extensive research, interviewing more than 150 members of Moorfields staff, past and present, reading reports and papers and consulting the records from the Hospital archives to cover every aspect of the changes to the Hospital and throughout medicine during this period.

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History of Medicine and Medical Biography

Peter K. Leaver