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A Guide for Men of all Ages

Philip Kell
Archway Sexual Health Clinic, The Whittington Hospital, UK
Wallace Dinsmore
Genito-Urinary Medicine Department, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, UK

October 2001




ISBN 978-1-85315-402-7


Commended in the 2002 Medical Book Competition Awards

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction as it is sometimes known, is a very common condition. Nowadays, a much wider range of treatments is available than previously, including a number of new drugs on the market and under development.

Many men, together with their partners, would like to know more about their condition, but they may be too embarrassed or busy to talk to a doctor. When they do make an appointment, they may find it difficult to ask questions or to understand the explanations offered.

Written by two leading experts, and endorsed by the Impotence Association, the UK's leading patient support group for this problem, this book answers all of the questions that men ask and avoids technical jargon. The authors deal with important questions such as "What causes an erection to fail?" and "What treatments are available?", and they describe what will happen when the patient visits their doctor. Copious illustrations and diagrams, together with a glossary of technical terms, enhance understanding of the narrative.

Clearly written and easy to read, this is the perfect guide to an embarrassing but often treatable condition.


Preface: What is Impotence?; How Does an Erection Happen?; What Will Happen When I Go to the Doctor?; What Sort of Questions do Patients and Their Partners Ask?; What Can Be Done about My Problem?; What is Peyronie's Disease?; Might I have an Ejaculation Problem Instead?; Who Else Can I Talk To?; Glossary.

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General Medicine

Philip Kell/Wallace Dinsmore