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Infectious Diseases 2nd Edition

James S. Tan
Robert A. Salata
Thomas M. File Jr., MD

December 2007




ISBN 978-1-930513-72-3

Infectious Diseases 2nd Edition

Find the expert guidance you need to evaluate, diagnose and treat the most commonly encountered infections in the primary care setting.
This new edition:
- Examines infections of the central nervous system, heart and blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system, respiratory tract, skeletal system and skin
- Features new chapters on antimicrobial agents and prosthetic joint infections
- Includes individual chapters on HIV, herpes virus, Lyme disease and malaria
- Puts key information at your fingertips with diagnostic and treatment tables throughout the text
- Reviews the clinical manifestations of each infection as well as recent advances in microbiology
- Focuses on the common and uncommon diseases most often seen in primary care practices

General Medicine

James S. Tan/Robert A. Salata/Thomas M. File