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Neuropathic Pain: From Bench to Bedside

International Congress and Symposium Series, 259

J. Scadding
M. Koltzenburg

September 2005




ISBN 978-1-85315-625-0

Neuropathic Pain: From Bench to Bedside


Pathophysiology of Painful Neuropathies
Jack Griffin
What Has Human Microneurology Contributed to the Understanding of Neuropathic Pain?
Hermann O Handwerker, K Orstavik, B Namer, R Carr, C Weidner, M Schmelz, R Schmidt, HE Torebjork & E Jorum
Does Functional Imaging Reveal Plasticity in Patients with Neuropathic Pain?
Irene Tracey
CRPS: An Inflammatory or Neuropathic Disorder?
Ralf Baron Do Congenital Neuropathies Help in Understanding the Mechanisms of Neuropathic Pain?
Mary Reilly
Towards a Mechanism-Based Approach to the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
Troels Staehelin Jensen
Pharmaceutical Perspective
Ray Hill
The Effect of Neuropathic Pain on Psychological Well-Being
Jennifer Haythornthwaite
Defining Clinical Effectiveness: What are Clinically Important Measures?
Henry McQuay



J. Scadding/M. Koltzenburg