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Physician in Spite of Himself

D W Carmalt Jones and Brian Barraclough

July 2009




ISBN 978-1-85315-905-3

Physician in Spite of Himself

After a Victorian upper middle class upbringing Carmalt Jones (1874-1957) attended Uppingham, Corpus Christi College Oxford and St Mary's Hospital Medical School. He became physician to Westminster Hospital and Director of their Department of Bacterio-therapeutics. His academic interests made him Dean of Westminster Hospital Medical School. Following service in the First World War as a physician in the RAMC he was appointed in 1919 to the Chair of Systematic Medicine at Otago University. He retired in 1939 and returned to London in 1947.
Topics of special interest covered in his book include:
•Experience in Almroth Wright's Inoculation Department at St Mary's with Fleming and Colebrook.
•A vivid account of Carmalt Jones' experiences in medical service in the First World War in Flanders, Egypt and Palestine 1914-19
•Jones' life at Otago University, where he raised the standard of teaching.
•Jones published five books, 70 papers, scientific and literary, and founded the Proceedings of the Otago University Medical School which continues. He wrote verse for pleasure; his poem The Soldier's Monument has twice been anthologised

History of Medicine and Medical Biography

Brian Barraclough/D W Carmalt Jones