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Practical Obstetric Fistula Surgery

Brian Hancock With contribution from
Andrew Browning

January 2008




ISBN 978-1-85315-766-0

Practical Obstetric Fistula Surgery

There is now a worldwide awareness of the vast number of women with untreated childbirth injury in Africa and other poor countries. These shameful injuries are preventable but this will not occur until there is improved access to quality obstetric care. While prevention is the top priority, there is a great need to train more surgeons, especially nationals, to have the skill and resources to help these long suffering incontinent women. Following on from the success of First Steps in Vesico-Vaginal Fistula Repair (2005), a beginner's guide, Practical Obstetric Fistula Surgery goes into greater depth, covering all aspects of management and describing a range of cases from basic to complex. It draws on the extensive experience of the two authors. The text is direct and clear, with many step-by-step photographs to describe the various procedures. Nursing care, so important to success, is concisely covered. Fistula surgery takes a long time to learn and this book will be a practical guide to anyone undertaking this type of surgery. It will be especially useful as a guide to understanding which cases are within an individual's capabilities


Brian Hancock/Andrew Browning