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Through Rose-Coloured Glasses

Professor Heinart Sillastu

December 2009




ISBN 978-9-94918-320-3

Through Rose-Coloured Glasses

In these fascinating, part political, part medical, memoirs, Professor Heinart Sillastu gives the reader an insight into the history of Estonia during the time of Soviet occupation up to the declaration of an independent Republic of Estonia in 1991. Alongside discussion of the political situation, the author describes his own developing interest in tuberculosis (and later, other lung diseases) and reveals the challenges to be faced in trying to achieve one's personal and scientific goals in the difficult environment of an arbitrary, rough, tightly locked and often absurd bureaucratic regime, which did, however, have its successes. The later chapters provide an impressive commentary on the relationships of Estonia with Russia and the European Union. Through Rose-Coloured Glasses presents a vivid picture of Soviet everyday life through the experiences of a medical physician.

History of Medicine and Medical Biography

Heinart Sillastu