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Information for Businesses

Welcome to the Royal Society of Medicine Press information pages for businesses. We hope the information you require can be found within the pages and links below, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

RSM Press Publishing Solutions

Helping you to meet your business needs

RSM Press offers a range of opportunities for corporate clients and provides a one-stop shop for all your publishing needs. RSM Press provides a project-based service with one contact who handles the project from beginning to end producing tailor-made products to your specific target audience.

RSM Press offers supplements, reprints, sponsored books, journals and online initiatives and access to a large database of authors and medical writers.


Supplements are stand alone publications which can be published with any of RSM Press journals as part of their annual volume. The supplement may be articles from a satellite meeting or a selection of commissioned articles on a particular topic of your choice. The resulting publication is published with the journal cover and its content is endorsed by the journal, it can be distributed to all the journal's subscribers or to a particular specialty section of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Publishing a supplement with an RSM Press publication has the following benefits:

  • It enables you to link your content to a prestigious society journal and it will be branded with the Royal Society of Medicine logo and the journal logo.
  • It is a cost effective way of reaching a target audience of health professionals of your choice. RSM Press has a number of journals which take supplements and have readership which specialises in that area. You can pick and choose your target audience from the speciality sections of the Royal Society of Medicine so the audience can be specific or general as you wish

    There are over 50 Sections of the Royal Society of Medicine including:

    • General Practitioners
    • Clinical Neurosciences
    • Dermatology
    • Cardiology
    • Venous Forum
    • See all RSM Sections
  • Copies of the supplement can be purchased for your own distribution and the supplement would also be distributed from the RSM stand at key meetings within this area.
  • The supplement is available on the journal's home page or can be made available on your own website.
  • All supplements are peer-reviewed, indexed and covered by the major database and contents services
  • Contents of the supplement will be edited in the style and format of the journal with the journal cover and logo.

RSM Press Service

  • Rapid publication 8-12 weeks from acceptance to publication. A fast way to disseminate your information
  • Dedicated staff to help you with your material from the meeting to publication. We can provide a transcription service, medical writer and project manager for your supplement.
  • Additional promotional campaigns provided to maximise the impact of the supplement. These include:
    • Distribution to relevant targeted mailing lists available at RSM Press.
    • Advanced notice of forthcoming supplement based on editorial approval for your distribution pre-meeting.
    • CD-ROMs of your published supplement
    • Pocket sized versions of your supplement
    • Extra copies for your own distribution
    • Online capabilities include video and discussion groups linked to your supplement.
  • RSM Press also provides the opportunity to publish with the International Congress and Symposium series: These are standalone publications which publish meeting proceedings and distribute them to a targeted list provided by RSM Press. These can cover any topic and will be peer-reviewed and endorsed by specially selected RSM guest editors.


  • RSM Press provides its authors with a fast publication service. Original articles can be fast tracked, published early online and we are also able to offer the facility of choosing the issue in which the article should appear to coincide with a conference or press release.
  • RSM Press also helps to disseminate your article to the medical community fast via a reprint service which can produce reprints on the same day as publication and deliver them to anywhere in the world or electronically.
  • See our Reprints and Permissions page for further information.

Books and Bespoke Materials

  • RSM Press has a huge database of expert authors in all fields of medicine, who can provide written material for various sponsored bespoke publications either online or as a book. These are written quickly to a deadline and are produced to a high quality at a reasonable price.

Online Advertising

  • RSM Press is joined with e-Healthcare Solutions to provide targeted and sophisticated online advertising campaigns for corporate clients. For further information on advertising on our website please contact:

    e-Healthcare Solutions
    Office: 001 609 882 8887

Contact us

For further information or quotes on any of the above opportunities, contact:

Business Development
RSM Press Ltd
1 Wimpole Street
London W1G OAE

Direct Line: +44 1603 626557
RSM Office: +44 0207 290 3858

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