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Purchasing and Licensing Options

RSM Press offers a range of purchasing options to RSM journals designed to meet the needs of institutions and consortia members and has recently restructured its pricing to offer more choice and flexibility to customers for 2012.

We offer our journals either as print + FREE online access or as online only. Those purchasing the online only version get a 10% discount from the print + online price.

We have also introduced a number of new packages this year to enable customers to access more of our great content at even better value. Please see detailed breakdown of these for pricing and contents. All packages offer a 20% discount over the list price and are available in the same print + FREE online or online only formats.

Our packages are:

  • Package A – Complete Collection
  • Package B – Custom Collection
  • Package R – Research Collection
  • Package C – Clinical Collection
  • Package M – Medico-Legal Collection

RSM Press is actively seeking new opportunities to develop flexible and practical working relationships with the library and research community and welcomes your feedback.

Single site licenses

A single site consists of one institution or organisation within one geographical location. Please see our Institutional Questions (link to for more details on our license terms.

To purchase any RSM Press Journals title or package for a single site, please contact Portland Customer Services at, +44 (0) 1206 796351.

Multi-site or consortia orders

To purchase any RSM Press title or package for a multi-site or consortium, contact us today for a quotation. We will tailor-make the price specifically for your institution.

So, whether you wish to extend access to more sites, or would like information on a consortium licence; our team is on hand to advise and help you gain the level of access you require to our content.

For more information or to receive a quote please contact our sales representative in your area, with the following information:

  • Number of sites/institutions
  • Number of relevant FTEs
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